Saturday, August 27, 2016

Madison Creek Fun Continues

Welcome To Madison Creek
Where Northern Hospitality 
Southern Comfort

What do you get when a fish out of water southern gal moves up to arctic Michigan to begin a new life and instead ends up blowing the violin playing Yankee right off the road with a snowblower?

Fun and adventure. 

Snow Belle starts off this series with the account of how Haley Madison and Ethan Winters meet and manage to turn a run down barn and dilapidated old Victorian house into something amazing.

Did you know there's more going on in the town of Madison Creek? 

Check out Warm Mulled Kisses for Riveting Christmas which accounts how Haley's Memaw and Papop ended up together.

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And in April Fools Love, you'll meet young Nick Prator who's been pining away for his BFF Sage Dolan for some time, but because of a pact and a case of nerves, he's not been able to tell her how he really feels. Until an April Fools love letter prank gives him an idea. But his scheme might end up making a fool out of him.
Check out the novella Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice

Look for Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice to be released in an expanded version soon.

 And, there's more. Stay tuned for more news on the next release coming soon.

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