Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer is here! Ready for another visit to Madison Creek?

Snow Belle started Haley and Ethan's relationship after a rogue snow blower mishap. Then there was the short novella, Secretly In Love, where you meet Sage and Nikolai as they help Haley and Ethan with the opening of the Bed and Breakfast and BBQ restaurant.

After that, Ethan calls on his two favorite people, his sister Bekka and best friend, Stephen Gaines to come help him get his recording studio going in a renovated burned out barn. Little did he know the history between his sister and best friend hadn't been laid to rest and in Raining Fools, we find those hidden feelings are still alive and well. Or, they're alive... at least.

But that wasn't the end. No, there's so much more on the horizon.
I'd like to introduce you to Karen Borgman-Black and Professor Kelvin Fairbanks' story in Sun Kisses

Of Course Haley and Ethan's Story Continues On...

However, Sun Kisses is about Karen Borgman's attempts to put her life back in order after the demise of her unfaithful and uncaring husband, Milton. Karen can hide behind a good front of having everything in order and under control, despite the uncontrollable mess her deceased husband left behind.

Kelvin Fairbanks is trying to salvage his crumbling life and career. After being let go from his tenure as a college history professor, all he has left is researching and writing about local history based on stories that reveal more scandalous rumors than mundane boring facts. But the books earn him a nice side income and keep his publisher happy, so he doesn't see what's the harm in writing them.

While Karen helps the handsome Professor with his research, she finds something else she can't control: Her growing feelings for Kelvin. She'd never met someone who loved history as much as she does and their common bond grows into something neither of them anticipated. For the first time in years, Karen begins to hope that maybe she can be in a loving relationship.

Then her hopes are crushed when she finds a little gift left on her doorstep. Call it a parting gift from Milton that's dropped in her lap to take care of. Something she's always wanted but could never have. But to have it might ruin the promise of having something with the fun-loving Professor Kelvin.

And in the middle of all that, Haley and Ethan are experiencing the growing pains of being a newly wed couple. As Ethan's new business venture begins to grow, his time for her shrinks until they are like two passing ships blown and tossed in a stormy sea of busyness.

Expected Release-
You can look for Sun Kisses toward the end of August. I'll keep you posted and soon as I have a first chapter edited, I'll put that up for you to read, as well.

Check back for updates and more information in the coming weeks.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Grab Your Freebie!!

If you've been thinking about visiting the Madison Creek Bed & Breakfast, but haven't been quite ready to book your tickets (meaning- actually purchasing one of the books). Then have I got a deal for you!

Here's your chance for a sneak peek into the life around the town of Madison Creek. For Free!!

Here's a little bit about this free book:
Sage Dolan glanced at Nikolai Prater and inwardly whined that she’d made the pact in high school with him and her BFF, Moi Tamsyn, that the three of them would be friends forever. Nothing but friends. Yet, when Nikolai returned from the mission trip last year, Sage’s feelings for him exploded and her pact gets harder to keep.

Then on April fool’s day, she receives a letter from a secret admirer. A joke from her twin siblings.

Nikolai’s life changed after the mission trip. One thing he has to face is his feelings for Sage. Pact or no pact, he needs to let her know how he feels. Overhearing Sage and Moi talk about how they wished they received real love letters, Nikolai comes up with the perfect solution. He sends her an anonymous love letter, but instead of love, he reaps the wild, whirlwind of Sage who is already angry about being made a fool of once and won’t stand for being the fool twice.

So, you might be asking, "Where can I get this for free?"
Well, come on over to my Jackie Castle Books website and have a look around. Or you can just follow this link: Get A FREE BOOK and then choose which ebook distributor you wish to download from.

Then, when you finish reading Secretly In Love, let me know what you think about it by leaving a review. I certainly appreciate the feedback, plus they help when I want to do promotion and best of all, reviews help other readers decide if they want to read this book, too.